Turnkey Moodle

Installation, cloud hosting and support.

Web education leadership

Moodle is a leading open source application that manages educational content.

Users worldwide

Today nearly 100 million people use Moodle for their educational activities.

Open source

Moodle is free under the GNU license and can be adapted, extended or modified freely.

Established in time

With over ten years of market presence and developed by the Moodle project in Australia.

Your turnkey application

Moodle is immersed in a constant refreshment cycle in order to incorporate improvements and maintain reliability. The software maintains this cycle with the benefit of being an open source project and offers the support of a large community of programmers.

Strategic Service Assistance

Our Service aims to cover the gap generated between the end user and the system, at critical times of the cycle: installation, integration, upgrades, updates and support.

Cloud VPS+SSD Hosting

We install your application on our high availability servers. The data center where the server is housed provides redundant power, overload control and recovery from critical processes, allowing an availability rate of 99%.

Installation and setup

Each application has technical installation specifications, which we follow rigorously along with the suggestions that each major developer provides, creating a high performance installation, safe, reliable and ready to be used.


Web applications are subject to constant improvement cycles to their environments and continuous changes on the Internet. Application developers make security patches and versions that meet or detect bugs. Our solution includes updating your application with these patches so your installation is always with the most recent and secure code.


High volume applications are reliable and secure. However all software is vulnerable to errors. Our solution includes assistance to these contingencies, so you can return to its normal operating state in the shortest possible time.

Updates and Improvements

Additionally we have service updates for the installed applications associated with the following cases:

  • Upgrade to new versions
  • Installing new modules or plugins
  • Development of new features
  • Design changes and redesign of look & feel
  • Your special requirements

See it in action!

Moodle aims to be the best tool for supporting education. In this demo you can try all the features that makes Moodle the best choice for e-learning.


Your Moodle turnkey application

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